About Lake County General Health District

The Lake County General Health District was established in 1919/1920 under the Hughes–Griswold Act, a direct response to the influenza epidemic (pandemic) of 1918-1919 in which more than one-half million people died in the United States and more than 20 million worldwide.  Prior to its adoption, municipalities were responsible for their own health programs, meaning that nearly 2,150 health departments existed in Ohio. Most departments had little medical training or public health knowledge. Since the formation of public health agencies, the life expectancy of Americans has increased dramatically through the prevention of diseases through safe food and water supplies, sanitation, nutrition, vaccines, and antibiotics. These are the services and educational programs that are delivered through your local and county health departments in Ohio. Currently, there are 121 health departments in Ohio. Lake County General Health District was the 14th health department in Ohio to become accredited, in August 2016, under the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) standards.


5966 Heisley Road Mentor, OH  44060

Office Hours:

  • 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday
  • 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Wednesday
  • Weekends – Closed
  • WIC – By Appointment Only – 1st and 3rd Wednesday and Thursday of each month – 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Phone Numbers:

  • Main: (440) 350-2543
  • West End: (440) 918-2543
  • East End: (440) 428-4348 ext. 2543
  • Fax: (440) 350-2548


  • Community Health Services: (440) 350-2554
  • Environmental Health/Complaints: (440) 350-2543
  • Health Education and Outreach: (440) 350-2481
  • Office of Health Policy and Performance Improvement: (440) 350-2434
  • Vital Statistics: (440) 350-2549
  • WIC: (440) 350-2552
Board Members

Health District Staff


Name Position Office Phone Office Email
Adams, Anne Clerical Specialist 440-350-2481 Anne Adams
Albright, Loree Registered Dietitian 440-350-2820 Loree Albright
Armstrong, Christy Public Health Sanitarian II 440-350-2307 Christy Armstrong
Bildstein, Erin Certified LPN 440-350-2554 Erin Bildstein
Caine, Julie Clerical Specialist 440-350-2971 Julie Caine
Carano-Anderson, LuAnn Registered Dietitian 440-350-2821 LuAnn Carano-Anderson
Carte, Patty Clerical Specialist 440-350-5732 Patty Carte
Chapek, Linda Clerical Specialist 440-636-5331 Linda Chapek
Cole, Dawn Preparedness Specialist 440-350-2417 Dawn Cole
Collins-Reed, Pat Clerical Specialist 440-350-2818 Pat Collins-Reed
Cordero-Rivera, Yariluz Clerical Translator 440-350-2452 Yariluz Cordero-Rivera
DiPerna, Mackenzi Public Health Sanitarian I 440-350-2837 Mackenzi DiPerna
Early, Sonja Clerical Specialist 440-350-2322 Sonja Early
Fabian, Jennifer Clerical Specialist 440-350-2223 Jennifer Fabian
Fink, Kristen Public Health Sanitarian II 440-350-5833 Kristen Fink
Friel, Barbara Clerical Specialist 440-350-2843 Barb Friel
Godfrey, Cam Clerical Specialist 440-350-2432 Cam Godfrey
Graham, Ron Health Commissioner 440-350-2358 Ron Graham
Guerini, Melinda Clerical Specialist 440-350-2552 Melinda Guerini
Hawn, Tammy Registered Dietitian 440-636-5331 Tammy Hawn
Harm, Crystal Breastfeeding Peer 440-269-8790 Crystal Harm
Hewitt, Cathy Program Manager 440-350-2442 Cathy Hewitt
Hurley, Shaelin Health Educator 440-350-2464 Shaelin Hurley
Kager, Dylan Public Health Sanitarian I 440-350-2842 Dylan Kager
Kotapish, Susan Admin Clerical Specialist 440-350-2324 Susan Kotapish
Kraft, Tammy Associate Health Educator 440-350-2851 Tammy Kraft
Kristo, Stephanie Clerical Specialist 440-350-2549 Stephanie Kristo
Lark, Dan Environmental Health Director 440-350-2860 Dan Lark
Litke, Adam Finance & HR Director 440-350-2422 Adam Litke
Litwak, Ilana WIC Director 440-350-2604 Ilana Litwak
Loxterman, Chris Environmental Health Supervisor 440-350-2551 Chris Loxterman
Lustig, Anne Public Health Sanitarian I 440-350-2436 Anne Lustig
Mack, Olivia Breastfeeding Peer 440-350-2249 Olivia Mack
Margalis, Christine Quality Assurance & Special Projects Coordinator 440-350-2879 Christine Margalis
Marn, Dan Public Health Sanitarian II 440-350-2446 Dan Marn
McCarthy, Jessica Health Educator 440-350-2875 Jessica McCarthy
Mechenbier, Bert Environmental Health Supervisor 440-350-2453 Bert Mechenbier
Mehls, Doug Public Health Sanitarian II 440-350-2445 Doug Mehls
Militante-Advey, Elizabeth Public Health Sanitarian 440-350-2839 Elizabeth Militante-Advey
Milo, Kathy Director of Health Education & Outreach 440-350-2447 Kathy Milo
Mooney, Valerie Plumbing Inspector 440-350-2425 Valerie Mooney
Moran, Dawn Clerical Specialist 440-350-2552 Dawn Moran
Nichols, Matthew Director of  Office of Health Policy & Performance Improvement 440-350-2434 Matthew Nichols
Nicholson, Dan Plumbing Inspector 440-350-2111 Dan Nicholson
O’Hearn, Maureen Public Health Nurse II 440-350-2970 Maureen O’Hearn
Ohler, Rachel Clerical Specialist 440-350-2543 Rachel Ohler
Oudomlith, Stephanie Registered Dietitian 440-350-8792 Stephanie Oudomlith
Parker, Gina Deputy Registrar 440-350-2549 Gina Parker
Perkins, Tara Director of Community Health Services 440-350-2439 Tara Perkins
Petti, Rachel Clerical Specialist 440-350-2431 Rachel Petti
Piatek, Ed Custodian 440-350-2239 Ed Piatek
Pitts, John Mosquito Control, Maintenance 440-350-2862 John Pitts
Putman, Mary Clerical Specialist 440-350-2554 Mary Putman
Richmond, Jennifer Registered Dietitian 440-350-2823 Jennifer Richmond
Rinnder, Elizabeth Public Health Sanitarian I 440-350-2840 Elizabeth Rinnder
Ross, Ellyn Registered Dietitian 440-269-8792 Ellyn Ross
Rusnak, Mariann Registrar, Admin Secretary 440-350-2455 Mariann Rusnak
Russo, Haley Health Educator 440-350-2844 Haley Russo
Sarrocco-Smith, Davene Public Health Sanitarian II 440-350-2838 Davene Sarrocco-Smith
Sinclair, Dan Public Health Sanitarian II 440-350-2435 Dan Sinclair
Snell, Tim IT & Facility Manager 440-350-2252 Tim Snell
Stabler, Cherise Public Health Nurse III 440-350-2467 Cherise Stabler
Stoerkel, Cynthia Clerical Specialist 440-269-8792 Cynthia Stoerkel
Stout, Jami Admin Clerical Specialist 440-350-5719 Jami Stout
Stromp, Cady Public Health Sanitarian II 440-350-2835 Cady Stromp
Stromp, Paul Public Health Sanitarian II 440-350-2846 Paul Stromp
Swonger, Gloria Associate Health Educator 440-350-2188 Gloria Swonger
Tackett, Carol Public Health Nurse II 440-350-2248 Carol Tackett
Wakelee, Jessica Policy, Research, & Planning Coordinator 440-350-2939 Jessica Wakelee
Watson, Kevin Environmental Health Deputy Director 440-350-2819 Kevin Watson
Wilson, Chris IT Technician 440-350-2543 Chris Wilson
Roger Anderson City of Willoughby Hills
Alvin J. Brown, VMD Advisory Council
Patricia Fowler, President Pro-Temp City of Wickliffe
Marcus C. Garland City of Mentor-on-the-Lake
Richard Harvey City of Mentor
Nicole Jelovic Eastlake City
Steven R. Karns Advisory Council
Brian Katz, President City of Willoughby
Patricia Murphy City of Mentor
Randy Owoc Licensing Council
Ana Padilla Painesville City
Jerry Ribelli City of Kirtland
Lynn A. Smith, M.D. Advisory Council
Anthony Vitolo City of Willowick