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Sewage Treatment

Sewage Treatment – Septic

Home Sewage Treatment System Operation & Maintenance Program

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Program Goal: To ensure that residents of the community do not experience disease, adverse health effects or nuisances resulting from improperly or inadequately treated sewage.

Residential (Household) Sewage

Program Responsibility: The Board of Health is charged with ensuring compliance with Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-29 and enforcing the Regulations of the Board of Health of the Lake County General Health District concerning the construction, installation and maintenance of household sewage treatment systems in accordance with Chapter 29 Sewage Treatment Systems Rules.  Responsibilities in residential sewage include:

  • Issuance of permits for new, replacement and repair of home sewage treatment systems (HSTS).
  • Evaluation of vacant properties to determine their ability to be served by a home sewage treatment system  for lot splits. (application below)
  • Site review of proposals for installation of a sewage treatment system on vacant property including review of soil report, site evaluation, and plan review. (application below)
  • Inspection/evaluations of existing home sewage treatment systems prior to the sale or refinancing of a    home upon request for a fee. (application below)
  • Registration of home sewage treatment system installers, service providers and septic tank pumpers.
  • Investigation of sewage nuisance complaints.
  • Issuance of sanitary sewer connection orders.Sewage Treatment System Rules and Guidance DocumentsCurrent Lake County Sewage Treatment RulesSoil Evaluation & Loading Rates Determination Guidance ManualSewage System Information on Installation in a Flood Plain

    Sewage Treatment System Information for New Home Construction
    Lot Split: A lot split evaluation is conducted for properties where there are no immediate plans (within at least one year) to construct a sewage treatment system. The evaluation requires a soil report and determines if it appears feasible that at least one sewage treatment system option is possible in accordance with the current applicable rules. Lot Split Application Site Review: A site review is only valid for one year from the date of the approval. Soil evaluations must be conducted by a certified professional soil scientist and plans must be prepared by a registered surveyor or engineer. Property lines and sewage treatment system and replacement areas must be staked or roped off prior to submitting the site review information. Please note that the Health District keeps three sets of the approved sewage treatment system plans.  Site Review Application Installation of
  • Septic Tank

    Leveling of the Septic Tank
  • Installation of a Drip Mound
  • Final Cover on an At-Grade Drip Distribution System
  • Existing Sewage Treatment System EvaluationsSewage (septic) evaluations/inspections: Evaluations of existing sewage treatment systems are performed for property sales/refinancing, in response to homeowner inquiries, and in response to sewage nuisance complaints. Requirements for inspections for property sales/refinancing include: the house has been continuously occupied for 90 days prior to and during the inspection, the septic tank has not been pumped 30 days prior to the inspection, there is no more than two inches of snow on the ground and the grass is not more than one foot tall over the sewage system. All system evaluations/inspections require entry into the house to inspect wastewater plumbing connections to the system and the use of tracing dye in the system.Septic Evaluation ApplicationSewage System Malfunction with Surfacing Sewage Over Leach Trenches
  • Sewage System Malfunction Overflowing Distribution Box
    Sanitary Sewer Connection:  The Health District enforces the Ohio Administrative Code and the Lake County Sewage Treatment System Rules concerning connection to the sanitary sewer. For laws, rules, and procedures concerning sanitary sewer connection click FAQ