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Commercial & Small Flow Sewage (Businesses)

Commercial Sewage (Businesses)

Semi Public sewage: The Health District issues operational permits and conducts operational inspections of semi-public sewage treatment systems treating sewage up to 25,000 gallons per day under a contract with the Ohio EPA that was authorized by HB 110 in 1984. In Lake County discharging systems are inspected yearly and non-discharging systems are inspected on a three year rotation.  Any malfunctioning systems are referred to Ohio EPA for review and repair/replacement guidelines and rules.


Small flow on-site Sewage Treatment Systems: The Health District is also authorized to regulate small flow on-site sewage treatment systems (SFOSTS).  By definition, a SFOSTS is a sewage treatment system that is not a residential system that treats not more that 1000 gallons of sewage per day in a soil based system that does not require an NPDES permit or injection well drilling permit under ORC 6111.  Examples of types of businesses or operations that might utilize a SFOSTS are: vacation rental cabins, dwellings with a home business, small retail businesses, churches, and businesses with limited water use or employees.


For more detailed information on SFOSTS and the process for site review see SFOSTS Site Review,