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The Lake County General Health District inspects over 90 schools, twice per year. School maintenance staff accompanies sanitarians during their inspections, in accordance with Ohio Department of Health guidelines and Ohio Revised Code 3707.26.

Some items that our inspectors look for include the safety of playground equipment, condition of the buildings, and overall safety and sanitation within the buildings.

The Ohio Revised Code chapter 3707.26 requires local health districts to conduct school environmental health inspections twice per year. The purpose of these inspections is to promote the best performance and attendance of students through a safe and healthy learning environment. The Lake County General Health District utilizes the guidance document School Environmental Health Inspection, prepared by the Ohio Department of Health, as a reference. This manual is available on the Lake County General Health District web site at Additional resources are available at the Ohio Department of Health web site at

The School Environmental Health Inspection guidance manual is divided into the following content areas:

Section 1 Grounds & Building Exterior
Section 2 Playgrounds
Section 3 Solid Waste Disposal Areas
Section 4 All Indoor Environments
Section 5 Hallways & Stairwells
Section 6 Specialty Classrooms
Section 7 Auditoriums & Student Dining Areas
Section 8 Library/Media Center
Section 9 Indoor Athletic Facilities
Section 10 Restrooms
Section 11 Custodial Closets
Section 12 Mechanical Rooms
Section 13 Health Care Areas
Section 14 Administrative Areas
Section 15 Environmental Health & Safety Management Policies

If you have any questions regarding the school program, please contact a sanitarian at (440) 350-2543 between the hours of 8:00 and 10:00 am.



Ohio Department of Health Guidelines

Ohio Revised Code 3707.26