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Mosquito Control

Lake County Mosquito Control

SPRAY SCHEDULE HOT LINE 350-2088 OR 918-2088


The Lake County General Health District sprays most of the municipalities in Lake County that are densely populated. Spraying is done in the county to reduce the risk of mosquito borne diseases and to provide for a more comfortable summer environment. Since mosquitoes infected with both La Crosse and St. Louis Encephalitis Virus, and human cases with this disease have, in the past, been identified in the Health District, mosquitoes can be considered a “public health nuisance. The public health significance of mosquitoes has been amplified by the resent spread of the West Nile Virus.”

Included in this web site is the latest spray schedule, materials that are used by the health district, (including msds and labels), reasons spraying may be canceled and some other related mosquito links. The Health District is licensed through the Ohio Department of Agriculture to apply pesticides for the use of mosquito control. If you have any further questions that are not answered from this web site, please contact our offices weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at 440-350-2543 or 440-918-2543

The same information below may also be obtained by calling the
Health District Spray Schedule Hotline, 24 hours per day at 440-350-2088 OR 918-2088


Select a spray area to view the map

Concord 15-A 8/8/18
Concord 15-B 8/8/18
Eastlake 8-A 7/31/18
Eastlake 8-B 7/31/18
Fairport – Grand River 8/15/18
Kirtland 12-A 8/6/18
Kirtland 12-B 8/6/18
Madison 10-A 8/14/18
Madison 10-B 8/14/18
Mentor 1-A 8/13/18
Mentor 1-B 8/13/18
Mentor 2-A 8/2/18
Mentor 2-B 8/2/18
Mentor 3-A 8/9/18
Mentor 3-B 8/9/18
Mentor-On-The-Lake 8/7/18
Painesville Twp 9-A 8/15/18
Painesville Twp 9-B 8/15/18
Painesville City 11-A 8/16/18
Painesville City 11-B 8/16/18
Perry 8/15/18
Wickliffe 8/1/18
Willowick 8/1/18
Willoughby 7-A 7/30/18
Willoughby 7-B 7/30/18
Willoughby Hills 8/7/18

Cancellation for Mosquito Spraying

Below is a list of reasons spraying for mosquitoes would be cancelled. The spray schedule can change daily. Any of the following conditions can place spraying on hold or cancel spraying:

  • Number of adult mosquitoes trapped at specific trap site locations.
  • Winds greater than 10 mph.
  • 50% chance or greater of rain
  • Temperatures cooler than 55 degrees
  • Ozone action day
  • Mechanical failures

Areas to be sprayed are determined by the number of mosquitoes trapped at our trap sites, complaints and past history.

      The LCGHD Mosquito Control Program will be at the following events throughout the summer:        

July 7, 2018  Madison Library Community Yard & Craft Sale  – 9:00am-Noon    Click for more info:  Madison Library Community Yard & Craft Sale

July 11, 2018  Wickliffe Public Library – 7:00pm   Click for more info:   Wickliffe Public Library

August 4, 2018  Kirtland Library  – 8:00am  Yard, Bake & Book Sale   Click for more info: Kirtland Library Yard, Book & Bake Sale

Frequently Asked Questions – AMCA

Mosquito Pamphlet

Pamphlet below is in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Reader, please select Adobe Reader and download this software program.

Mosquito Pamphlet – Fight the Bite Ohio


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