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Mosquitoes or Midges


Ants do not pose a hazard to public health, although they are considered a nuisance pest.  It is important to note that, of the ants found indoors, only a few ant species (i.e. Carpenter, Pharoh, etc.) are responsible for the majority of infestations. Some species are not common but appear sometimes. You can find other types of ants inside only under rare or accidental conditions.  Since numerous species of ants exist, identification is helpful in terms of treatment.  Your local Ohio State University Extension office can assist in identification.

The Ohio State University Extension Website has numerous fact sheets that you may find helpful:

Carpenter Ants
Ants in And Around The Home
Small Honey Ant
Pharaoh Ant

The Ohio Department of Agriculture has a general pest control guide.


Bees and wasps are very beneficial to our environment and continuing food supply. Bees produce honey and help to pollinate more than half of our fruit and vegetable crops. Wasps contribute by preying on a number of insects detrimental to our crop supply. Unfortunately, bees and wasps can also be a serious threat to human health, especially since about 1% of our population develops a lethal allergic response to their stings. Information on how to prevent or attract and control bees and wasps is available from the following sites:

Ohio Department of Agriculture – Apiary Program

University of Minnesota Extension

Illinois Department of Public Health
Cockroaches are encountered in various settings throughout the county. Most often they are found when inspecting housing complaints, but on occasion are observed during routine food service inspections.  Cockroaches are attracted to damp, wet environments and can reproduce at an alarming rate. These insects can transmit diseases, such as salmonella to humans. It is very important to maintain a facility in a sanitary condition to prevent cockroach infestation. If you have any questions regarding cockroaches, please contact your local sanitarian at (440) 350-2543 between the hours of 8:00 and 10:00 am. See the links below for the most common cockroaches encountered in Lake County:

Ohio State University Extension Office Fact Sheet: American Cockroach

Pennsylvania State University Extension Office Fact Sheet: German Cockroach

Ohio State University Extension Office Fact Sheet: Oriental Cockroach

Pennsylvania State University Extension Office Fact Sheet: Brown-Banded Cockroach